EXSAD Gaming were born on October 7, 2009 with the ambition to become a renowned organization and to be able to ascend in the field of Electronic Sports nationally and internationally, founded by Marco Silva. Along with CEO/COO Rafael Rodrigues and Helder Fernandes, administrators Rafael Azevedo and STAFF, that competes in multiple games with teams and players from across the globe, EXSAD Gaming is presented by approximately 100 elements. Throughout these years all the organization counted on several teams of the most diverse games. Here are excellent Counter-Strike players: Global Offensive, Crossfire, FIFA, PUBG, League of Legends, FORTNITE among others. Naturally it would not be possible to enter this adventure without partnerships that allow us to evolve more and more, enabling a greater quality in our services for our teams. And from here, thanks to our sponsors and the partnerships that have been following us in this project. Nowadays Exsad is one of the top active organizations in Portugal and one of the most stable ones that did not close the doors on a single day or did not support their teams. We still exist and prevail thanks to our fans and supporters and we all archieve we owe to them. • Official website: www.exsadgaming.pt • E-mail: [email protected] • Facebook: www.facebook.com/EXSADGaming • Twitter: www.twitter.com/EXSADGAMING • Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/exsadteam • Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjOOs-8FVpT7-Q3hOy8XyRw • EXSAD.TV: www.twitch.tv/exsadgaming • Steam: www.steamcommunity.com/groups/EXSAD


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